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The advance package is designed to target skin blemishes and impurities. This treatment contains a combination of the following: *Fruit Acid Peel - for deep cleansing we use advance antibacterial peel *Sonic Microdermabrasion - helps to loosen and remove dirt *Blue LED Light - which act as an antiseptic and antibacterial *High Frequency - electric current eliminates toxins, works as a sanitiser for the face, destroys active bacteria under the skin followed by Yonka Clay anti blemished mask.

Are you suffering with acne and looking for a treatment programme that is result driven and can combat all of the factors that lead to your breakouts?This treatment targets the key contributing factors that lead to the development of acne. * Calms and soothes inflammation * Reduces skin thickening * Controls and reduces acne bacteria * Reduces oil production Benefits of the acne facial * Helps prevent new break out *Reduces excess sebum that leads to a greasy, oily skin * Removes blackheads and whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities * Diminishes existing acne *Helps improve skin’s texture * Helps reduce acne scars and post acne hyper-pigmentation What does the treatment involved? A combination of the latest advanced PRX- T33 TCA peel, High frequency, Ultrasonic spatula, Steam, Extractions and Double exfoliation with gommage. *Note: Once your acne is under control, Micro-Needling can be performed to combat acne scarring, reduce pore size and improve skin texture