Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour

Price: £94.00

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Yonka Time Resist Creme Jour day cream, wrinkle filler with plant based stem cells.

Ageing is a part of the natural life cycle which is set at birth. Over the passing of time skin can thin, wrinkle and loose its fullness and radiance. Factors we face daily (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) speed up this ageing.

This day cream, Time Resist Jour, visibly smooths wrinkles and gives your skin extra bounce.

With the new touch & slide airless jar, it measures the right dose of cream by pressing down once on the cap. This innovation is safe and maintains by sealing in the beautiful aromatic aromas of Yonka products. After cleansing and spraying on some Lotion Yonka, apply the Time Resist Jour cream in the morning or evening to the neck, face and decollete.

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