Yonka Gommage Sucre Relax

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Yonka Gommage Sucre - Relax. Tiare flower and Jasmin fragrances scent this two sugars body scrub.
Its beautiful texture gently exfoliates the skin and turns soft and milky with water. Your skin will be left free of dead skin cells and lightly scented, soft and supple.

Once or twice a week, apply the sugar scrub to damp skin. Massage in and rinse with lukewarm water. Apply to dry skin, using circular movements on areas such as knees heels, and elbows for greater effect.

Skin is softer - 95%
Cane sugar and white sugar - Exfoliating
Sunflower oil - Nourishing, Softening
Yon-Ka Quintessence - Purifying, Regenerating

All Yon-Ka products are Paraben free and GMO free

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