Yonka Gommage

Price: £36.00

Category: Exfoliators & Masks image

Recommended to refine skin texture, GOMMAGE YON-KA is a plant based scrub with no micro-grains or any abrasive particles. Its softness allows to treat the most fragile skins. This 4 in 1 hydrating-exfoliating gel brightens the complexion, smooths, hydrates and re-balance the skin. Your complexion lights up with a new-found radiance.

You want to fight dull skin in the morning or a tired and worn out look before going out ?GOMMAGE YON-KA will bring back light and brightness to your skin in minutes.

After cleansing, apply a generous layer of the gel on to the face and neck leaving it there for 1 to 2 minutes then remove the gel with your fingertips followed by using damp cotton pads. This process can be repeated to exfoliate the skin. To Finish, spray on Lotion Yonka.

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