WiQo Reverse Serum

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The Reverse Serum from WiQo is a lightening serum, designed to lighten and prevent skin discoloration.

This serum has a silky texture which makes it a product with easy and pleasant application. The eyedropper ensures fast and precise application to discoloration. Helpful with discolouration caused by the sun or acne scarring. This is a home use product for use in conjunction with the WiQo peels - though may be used "stand-alone".

Apply by making a gentle massage until it is absorbed, once daily in the morning. Use sunscreen with this product, at all times.

Main Actives:
Key Benefits:
Tranexamic acid, lactoferrin, peptide Arubachin CB, ferulic acid, nicotinamide, Glabridin, α-lipoic acid, red rice

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