Lacreme Beauté Rose Oil

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A powerful botanical elixir that breathes pure life into dull, tired, acne-prone or ageing skin.
This magically rejuvenating and profoundly nourishing facial oil is a powerful, natural treatment for dry, tired or mature skin. Deeply moisturising and powerfully regenerating, its potent mixture of organic oils work synergistically to plump, hydrate, smooth and balance, visibly reducing redness, lines and wrinkles. Providing an impressive array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it works to improve skin health on every level, whilst delighting the senses with its exquisite aroma.

The Magic Ingredients

Rosehip and camellia oils combine their powers of deep hydration, hyper-nutrition and cellular healing to regenerate, smooth and fortify the skin against the effects of ageing and free radical damage. Both oils are amongst the most nutritious that we work with and are profoundly restorative and protective. Rose essential oil is an incredible anti-inflammatory, helping the skin to cope with any kind of irritation and accelerating healing, while frankincense tones the skin, strengthening, cleansing and tightening the pores.

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