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Winter Skin

Winter Skin

As temperature drops along with heating indoors, hot showers, cold winds the skin becomes dry dehydrated and sensitive.Follow this steps to winter-proof your skin.

Always adjust skincare regime according to the season. Cleanser - swap the gel cleanser to more nourishing milk/balm cleanser. My preference is Lait Nettoyant Yonka Paris or La Creme Beauty Gentle Milk Cleanser. Swap lightweight lotions to richer nourishing creams and oils. Here are some of my favourite products - Irene Forte Rose Oil, La Creme Beauty Glow Balm, Yonka Paris Excellence Code Cream.

If skin is dry and dehydrated oil can be applied under the moisturiser, the above oils are light and non clogging the skin.

Gently exfoliate at home, I love soft peel Gommage Yonka Paris, it is a brilliant product that not only exfoliates and helps to loosen up dirt and blackheads but also is very hydrating! Can be applied every second day it’s gentle! Lastly I highly recommend the following professional treatments during the winter: TCA/Superficial skin peels, microneedling, facials that include ultrasound device which is very nourishing, plumping and pushes the required product deeper in the skin,oxygen facials for hydration, deep cleansing facials.

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